Is the media sensationalizing swine flu or is it really a huge deal? I mean, I'm sitting with my kids at the indoor playground and all I see are ginormous germs on all the equipment and all the other kids. I can't enjoy myself because all I can think about is when we get to leave and I get to wipe my kids down with sanitizer. I've been bathing my kids A LOT and wiping them down several times a day so I feel like they're no threat to others, but others seem to be a threat to them. If this is the medias way of saying it's been a slow news month, then they win the award for finally pushing my neurotic tendencies over the edge. However, I have still chosen as of today not to get them vaccinated.

*Is it really so wrong to want a laptop that is all my own just because it's pink?

*Who else thinks it is incredibly creepy (and not the creepy Halloween is all about) when people decorate grave sites for Halloween?

*Me and the babies were just running errands and Seth was singing the theme song from "The Brady Bunch" in the back seat of the car and Maybe was totally rockin' out to him singing. That is why I am a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn't miss those moments for any amount of money.


Don't forget to celebrate by eating donuts and sharing them with people you see. Jess-mas...Bringing people together one donut at a time

*Has anyone figured out how to fold the bottom sheet with elastic? If so, will you please come to my home and demonstrate?

*I am becoming increasingly annoyed with customer service. Lately, I have gone to several stores and the cashier never said one word to me. Is this what society is coming too? Has technology made it so people really don't need to speak to one another anymore to communicate and therefore children are not learning simple social skills? I'll admit, I have days where my children are crying and I just want to be done as fast as possible. I don't really want a cashier who has a life story to tell me, but a smile, perhaps a hello and thank you would be enough. There is a certain fast food restaurant drive-thru I frequent (because I am totally addicted to their chili and swear that chili and Dr. Pepper for lunch most days has contributed to my quick baby weight loss) where my food is hanging out of the window before I even have time to pull up and I swear it's thrown into my car without even a word. I don't know, I just think good business is a simple hello and thank-you. I worked at Target for two years in high school. I LOVED that job. I loved when people I knew came through my line. I loved when friendly strangers came through my line. I even loved getting asked out on dates in my line. I cannot even imagine not saying a simple hello and thank you to the people I interacted with. I'm really curious to see what others peoples thoughts are on this topic.

*I guess I have two subjects on my mind. I have been doing this website since before blogging became so popular. I have a pet-peeve about people calling my website a blog. It's not. It's my website. However, I did just recently name one of my links "The Blog" for lack of a better name for it at the moment. I know this website is super simple with not a whole lot of fancy too-do's, but I created it. It's unique. It doesn't follow the same format as every blog at blogspot. I am not trying to say that using the popular blogging websites are bad, I enjoy reading many of them, or that is in anyway superior because it's not. I just want to distinguish for what it is. It's my creation. It's my website.

*There are three members of our family who drink milk. I go to the priceclub once a week and buy four gallons of milk (five if I splurge and buy chocolate as well). Can anyone out there say their family drinks more milk?

*I have a friend who is very good at photography and takes a picture of just about everything and then when she writes her blog there are several photos to go along with the story. I am not so good at remembering to take pictures of things and so my writings are lacking in visual aids. Sorry. I do wish right now that I wasn't too lazy to walk to the kitchen and take a picture of what I am about to tell you about. However, I am too lazy and that isn't going to change so my words will have to do. I have found something that has changed my view of breakfast cereal forever. It is call "Just Bunches". I am not a cereal eater, never have been probably never will be. I am not a fan of mushy food and I can't seem to get cereal down before it turns to mush. I digress. Anyway, this "Just Bunches" is like small bits of heaven in my mouth. I ate a whole box (dry, mind you) in two days. Everybody be a sport and go and buy a box so this new cereal is not discontinued. I beg you all to do this one small act of kindness for jessiewessie. If you have no desire to eat your box of "Just Bunches" I will be happy to take it off your hands. Don't forget you can let me know your thoughts on this topic under the Fanatics link.

*I told my husband tonight that I needed him to take care of the kids for a little while so I could get some stuff done. I may have mentioned laundry which I have yet to start and failed to mention I wanted to play computer geek for a little while. Shhhhh...I'll update as much as I can before he realizes the real reason I have escaped to the basement. As an update to this I'll let you all know it was only 20 minutes before I got the frantic call from upstairs, "Jess, Help! They're both crying!" It was nice while it lasted.