About Jessiewessie

I am a wife to Ryan and mommy to Seth, Maybe, Zachary and New Baby Sister. I am currently living my dream which is being both of those things. Being a mom is hard work and I am eternally grateful that I have a supportive husband who allows me to make it my only job. Raising children is the hardest work I've ever done and also the most rewarding. The only part of my old life I miss is sleep....oh sacred sleep. I will never take sleep for granted again.

Some of you jessiewessie.com fanatics might be wondering how jessiewessie.com came to be. The name comes from a childhood nickname. During my last year of college I was working full-time as well as taking 16 credits of class so I was used to being pretty busy. After graduation I was still working full-time but I quickly became bored with not having school taking up my evenings. I thought it would be fun to take continuing education classes through a local college. I decided to take Intro to HTML because it was something I had never done before. I really liked creating web pages and decided it would be fun to have my own website. So basically my website is strictly fun. I know it's not the most professional looking website and I'm okay with that. The point of jessiewessie.com is not to have the best looking site but instead it's a way for me to continue to learn how to write in html and it's a fun way to share our family pictures and experiences. I always welcome any comments and suggestions just Email Jess!