June 17, 2008:  It's offical....Pie is a walker! He has been walking much more than he's been crawling today and twice I saw him stand up on his own with no hands and take off. We were so hoping that he would walk and the basement would be finished before the baby came and we got them both. Well, I should say the basement is almost ready. Just a few last touches such as doorknobs and this and that but we're hoping to get our final inspection tomorrow which means we can move in down there.

June 14, 2008:  So yesterday we had our carpet installed in the basement and when Ryan got home from work the three of us decided to go hang out on it. Well, I guess this is what Sethie has been waiting for because we had only been down there a few minutes when he decided to start walking on his own! It was so exciting for us. New carpet and a whole new phase in Sethie's life. So he's not really walking yet because he still is crawling unless we encourage him to walk but it should be any day now. I have to admit, it is a little strange to see my itty bitty Cutie Pie have such independence but I know it's how it's suppose to be.

June 13, 2008:  Seth has a couple of things he's been doing a lot lately. One thing that's not so cute is he has been gagging himself and making himself throw up. He sticks his fingers in his mouth so far that he pukes. I'm not sure why he's doing this. At first it seemed like he just wanted to chew his fingers because he is teething and maybe that is still the reason he is doing it but has taken it too far. He seems to do it a lot in the car which stinks for obvious reasons. Another thing is I was showing Sethie pictures of himself on the laptop the other night and he would see a picture of himself and say, "Sethie Sethie Sethie". So now whenever I sit down at the laptop he grabs the screen so he can see it and says, "Sethie Sethie Sethie" thinking there's going to be pictures of himself. I think it's fun that he can recognize himself in pictures now. That leads me to another cute thing. Seth can say his own name. He says both Seth and Sethie which I find adorable. In the last week or so Seth has also been lifting my shirt so he can see my belly and rubs it and even has kissed it a few times. I have no idea if he is understanding that his sister is in there or he is just particulary fond of my bare belly. Seth also learned how to blow kisses which again is just so stinking adorable.

June 11, 2008:  I realized this past Sunday that we haven't taken pictures of Seth probably since his birthday back in April. I guess we should probably get on that especially so we have some recent ones to post here. Seth is growing up very quickly. He's teething (he still just has two on the bottom) but those darn top ones are being pretty stubborn about coming out. He saw the dentist last week and actually let the dentist look at his teeth without any fuss. I was so proud of him because he doesn't even let me see them. His vocabulary seems to be growing exponentially. It amazes me how many words he knows and how many of them he can associate the object with the word. He's very very smart. Just yesterday I realized I could tell him to bring me something and he does it. Pretty handy. He's not walking yet but he has taken random steps, usually one or two at a time. Also, can walk if we just hold one of his hands. We often take these walks to the mailbox hoping to gain his balance and confidence. Seth is just a fun little guy and we love having him around.

May 12, 2008:  I'm sure any parent who goes to church on Sunday's for three hours at a time will agree that Sunday's are hard. Seth is really good at church and always has been. The amount of times I've ever had to take him out in the hallway because he was fussy I can count on one hand. It's actually the before church and after that is really hard. We go to church at one 'o clock so I don't put Seth down for his morning nap because I would just have to wake him up soon after to leave so right before church when Ryan and I are frantically putting the final touches on ourselves Seth gets clingy and cranky. After church is usually fine because Seth will go to sleep, however, if we have anywhere at all to go that evening we usually have to leave shortly after church so he doesn't get that nap either. I feel bad for the little guy because I definately know how it feels to need a nap so badly and not get one. Anyway, any misbehaving on Sundays I usually overlook because I don't think it's his fault. I do feel bad though because if we do go anywhere after church it's usually to see one of our families and Seth isn't himself because of the insane tiredness so people don't always get to see just how awesome he really is.

May 9, 2008:  Yesterday was Seth's day. I spent the entire day giving him tons and tons of attention because I've felt bad for kind of ignoring him the two days before that because he was so cranky and I felt so rotten. It's amazing what a difference it made. We had a day without any tears (from either of us). I waited to shower until he was napping and didn't clean or pick up a thing unless he was sleeping. I made sure we had lots of giggling time. It was really nice. We started the day playing with Trevan and Halie from next door. Trevan is 2 and a half and Seth loves watching and learning from him. Trevan calls Seth a baby like his little baby sister (who is 8 months old) and loves it when Seth says a word. I think he's just more amazed that the baby (Seth) can talk. It just started our whole day out really nice. I look forward to the warm weather when all the moms and kids in our neighborhood come outdoors. Last summer it wasn't really fun because Seth couldn't stand up but now that he's standing and crawling he can explore while I talk to my friends. Speaking of standing up, Seth is working on his balance. He can stand up without holding on to anything but hasn't quite gotten brave enough to take that first step. If he realizes he's not holding on to anything he doesn't fall over he just bends his knees to sit down. I assume he'll be walking in the next month or so. I didn't walk until I was 14 months old and I'm not sure about Ryan so I still think he's normal. Seth stayed up until almost midnight last night so he slept in until a little after ten this morning. I love my late sleeper. I'm not sure what I'd do if he was an early riser. Today Seth had his friend Sierra come over for a few hours while her mom went to class. We're going to have her come play every Friday until the new baby comes. Seth does really good with other kids. He shares his toys and only has to be reminded once in a while to not take toys from others. I thought it would be really good to have Seth have someone to play with and get used to sharing mom's attention. I think that Seth is done being in pain because he's just been so delightful yesterday and today. He still doesn't like to show me his teeth so I'm not sure if #3 came in or not.

May 7, 2008:  Ay yai yai. Alright, I have no idea how to spell that so maybe I should just write sheesh. I did my research and found that Seth's lack of appetite most likely has to do with his teething along with this awful rash he's been sporting on his cheeks and chin. Teething just got hard. At least I think it's teething. Yesterday was a really bad day for Pieman. The poor little guy must just be in so much pain it makes him pretty irritable and yesterday I was feeling 8 months pregnant so that didn't help the situation. Poor Ryan came home to a screaming Seth and a crying mom, but he stepped right in and took care of the little guy (who by the way LOVES his dad right now and I think would prefer if I went away each day so he could play with dad instead of mom) and even cleaned up after dinner which is something I usually do now that I'm not working. What a great dad and husband. Anyway, according to the doctor and the internet a tooth should come in about once a month now. Seth has been teething about every week and a half so he's not really getting a break from it. He's thrown up three or four times in his crib in the last two weeks which sucks because my washer and dryer got disconnected last Friday so the drywall could be done (see the New Baby page if you're wondering why we're drywalling). Anyway, this morning has been another cry fest for the Pieman. He doesn't usually give me grief about taking his morning nap but he screamed for over an hour until he just fell asleep a few minutes ago. I guess with parenthood you have the easy, fun, and enjoyable stretches until one day your world is rocked. I can't wait for the peace again.

May 5, 2008:  Arrrrg! Seth has decided that he doesn't want to eat anymore. I think he's just bored with the same 'ol food. I also think he's tasted lots of things with good flavor so his bland veggies and fruit and cereal just aren't doing it for him anymore. It's tough because he doesn't have any chewing teeth yet so I'm still limited in what I can give him. Meal time used to be fun and he'd eat whatever we put in front of him. Now it's him saying "no no no no no" as he shakes his head and refuses to eat. Even bread has lost its appeal. He doesn't like drinking juice but drinks lots and lots of milk. I gave him chocolate milk the other day as a treat and I guess it wasn't such a treat because it made him throw up. I think he's sensitive to chocolate. Ryan made Seth his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich two Sundays ago and it was hilarious. He makes this funny smacking sound because it's so sticky as he eats it. I fed him another peanut butter sandwich in Sunday school yesterday and everyone was turning around to watch him because it was so funny to hear the smacking. Seth had a good weekend. My best friend Emily was here for the weekend and he loved her. I'm pretty sure liked playing with her more than playing with me. It was nice to have someone he enjoyed playing with so I could put my feet up for a few minutes.

April 30, 2008:  On Monday Seth cut his second tooth. He is being such a big boy about it. He hasn't complained or cried. He does stick his finger in his mouth quite a bit but that's about the only indication we have that he is teething. I sure hope all the teeth come in this easily. I'd post a picture of it but he doesn't like to show us his teeth. Everytime I ask to see them he says "no" and shakes his head side to side.

April 23, 2008:  Seth just got back from his one year check up. He weighs 20 lbs and 3 ozs and is 30 inches tall. He's very healthy and even gets to stop his iron supplements (that's more of a yea for mom and dad who thought it was a bother to give them to him). If you notice the orange tint to Seth's nose and cheeks in pictures it's just because of the orange veggies he's eating and the doctor said it's actually healthy. He got four shots today and did great. He cried when the MMR went in because apparently that one stings but that was the extent of his tears. He also had to get his finger pricked to check his iron levels and that upset him pretty good but as soon as the lab lady left him alone he stopped crying. I hear the MMR shot can hurt pretty bad for a few days so we'll see how he does. Also, there's no worry about Seth only having one tooth and he should start getting one about every month. Seth gets to have a big boy car seat so as soon as Ryan has some free time we'll go pick one out for him. I think he's going to love facing forward and be able to see what's going on in the front of the car.

April 22, 2008:  Sethie's tooth coming in doesn't seem to be bothering him. Another woo-hoo! I've heard stories of cranky babies but mine doesn't seem to be bothered. Also, since his tooth came in the incessant drooling has stopped. He has been sleeping lots and lots so maybe that's how it's affecting him. I'll take tons of sleeping anyday. I'd love to post a picture of his brand new tooth but he doesn't like to show it off. Seth has been talking more and more. It's fun to see him recognize an object and call it what it is. Some of the popular words these days are balloon, yeah, diaper (biper) and basketball (okay, he says b-b-ball but still pretty cool). He can repeat tons of words and it's fun because it's not so lonely during the day anymore. I feel like I have someone to talk to. Seth is also off his Lactose-free milk and seems to be doing fine. He is also developing more tastes both likes and dislikes. If he finds a container of his puffed grains he'll bring it to me or Ryan so he can have some and if he's done eating a certain food he says "No" and shakes his head from side to side and you can't get him to eat anymore. It is nice so we don't have to worry if we're overfeeding him anymore. His hair is coming in and getting long in the back. He's got these curls in the back that are unmanagable and stick out, but at least he's getting hair. It seems like there are so many changes each day I just can't remember them all when I sit down to write about them. He just seems to be growing up extra fast since his birthday. He's not walking yet and it doesn't seem like he will be for a while. It would be really nice if he was by the time the new baby comes, although since he can crawl he's really good at following us around and coming to us if we need him to so maybe it won't be such a big deal if he's not.

April 16, 2008:  Sethie has a tooth! Woo-hoo!

April 13, 2008:  Friday was Sethie's first birthday. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Me and Ryan took him to lunch and one of the workers made a big deal out of Seth's birthday and made sure he got a birthday ice cream cone. We also had a Sesame Street party for him with family and a good family friend. Seth accidently put his hand in the cake and got frosting all over it and did not like it at all. When we cut him a ginormous piece he wouldn't touch it. I had to fork feed him his cake. He was wearing a white t-shirt and no bib and came out perfectly clean. Gee, you think his parents are clean freaks? Present wise he got some really neat stuff and has enjoyed playing with all of his loot all weekend. His very favorite present seems to be an Elmo book that Aunt Tonya gave him. He drags it around the house saying "emoh emoh emoh emoh emoh". Seth is growing up quickly. His vocabulary is growing every day and he seems to be growing quickly. I noticed his face is filling out and his fingers and feet seem to be getting bigger. Here are some pictures of the big day.

March 25, 2008:  So Ryan and Seth and me ran into Costco last night and while we were there we decided to look at the birthday cakes and also buy some rolls. As soon as we got to the cakes Seth started getting really fussy. He was getting louder and louder so I handed him to his dad in case I was hurting him the way I was holding him, but that only seemed to frustrate him worse so I took him back. We finished looking at the cakes and headed to the rolls and that's where Seth absolutely lost it. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and getting teary eyed, a very unusual behaviour for him, and it just got worse and worse the longer we looked at all the breads. Then it dawned on me....Sethie really wanted some bread, BAD. Bread is one of his absolute favorite foods and he can easily eat three slices, more if I wasn't afraid he would throw it all back up on me, and there we were....in Seth's version of heaven...the bread section and we wouldn't give him any. Once we figured it out we hurried and made a choice and headed for the registers with Seth screaming the whole way and reaching over my back towards the bread section wanting to go back to the oh so delicious bread. Once he figured out we had bread he kept looking at it and just looking at me and Ryan with these ginormous blue teary eyes pleading with us to give him some. We were laughing so hard all the way up to the registers because this is Seth's first true melt down in a store and it was all because of bread. I feel so bad sometimes for the little guy who isn't able to tell us what he wants. It must be so frustrating. I also can't believe the little guy is growing up so fast. There is a happy ending to the story. As soon as we got to the car we busted open the bread and let him have some. The tears were instantly gone and all was well again in Sethie's world.

March 19, 2008:  Seth Pie is doing great. He is a crawling maniac. He's learned now that he can go room to room looking for his mom or dad if he gets left alone. Seth takes every opportunity to pull himself to standing. He's even learned he can climb his mom and dad. He just discovered the dishwasher the other day. He likes to stand at it and touch everything he can reach. His new independence is exciting and a little emotional (for mom). I (mom) can't believe in less than a month Sethie is turning one! I swear we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. Piester has a great appetite and will eat anything we let him. I keep telling him if he'll grow some teeth he'll get to eat so much more. Seth Pie loves his pacifiers. He doesn't really need them most of the time, but if he sees one he will ignore everything on his way to pick it up. It's really funny if you put more than one in front of him. He will sit and take one out and put another in and repeat this for as long as we let him and he'll go through as many as you put in front of him. When I get him out of his crib sometimes he ends up with two and he's always got his hand on the extra. Seth loves attention and one of his favorite games is "I'm going to get you" which he often starts. His favorite way to play is to crawl a little, then look at you and smile and then hurry and crawl away really fast. That means you are suppose chase him while saying "I'm going to get you". He's a real fun kid.

March 1, 2008:  Seth came down with the flu two Friday's ago and he's just now (a week and a day later)starting to feel good again. He almost got hospitalized which was a little scary especially since I had just barely gotten him healthy and thriving. Instead we took care of him at home and only took him to the ER once (because our doctor told us to) to get an IV of fluids. Seth completely lost his appetite and hadn't eaten or drinken much for a few days and he was becoming lethargic and spacey. It was hard to see our little guy sleep 20 hours a day and have a 103 degree fever for days at a time but I think he's over it and will be just fine. We're pretty lucky this is the only time he's been really sick. As a side note, I thought that little babies who had high fevers (it reached 104 at one point) were in danger, but none of the doctors really cared about the fever. I guess it's more of a concern to get his lungs cleared out. I just thought that was interesting.

February 17, 2008:  Seth went back to the doctor on Thursday (February 14) and he got a clean bill of health!  The doctor thinks his "failure to thrive" was him not getting enough calories.  In 20 days Seth had gained almost 2 pounds and the doctor thinks it's because I have almost completely stopped nursing him.  He's going to be weighed at 11 months just to make sure he didn't lose any of his weight and then we just go in for the normal 12 month check-up.  Some other good things that have happened to Seth are he is sleeping through the night and just a few days before he turned 10 months he started crawling.  A few days after that he started cruising around the furniture.  A few days after that he already changed the way he crawls.  He still uses one knee but then he kind of walks on the other foot.  He has also started making new sounds.  It seems he's in some sort of developmental growth spurt.  Seth also started swimming lessons on his 10 month birthday.  He seems to really like the water and I think it has given him confidence because he now crawls confidently and even stands up in the bathtub.  Ryan and I were just talking about how for months nothing seemed to change with the little guy.  I guess he was saving everything to wow us all at once.   

January 31, 2008: Seth went the the specialist last Friday and it sounds like things will probably be okay. Seth has to keep a journal for two more weeks of all the food he eats and then he'll go back in and be weighed. Seth is doing fine developmentally, his head size is normal, and his poos are normal so the doctor doesn't think he has any metabolic diseases which is often the cause of "failing to thrive" at this age. The doctor doesn't even think any more blood tests will be needed. I'm suppose to start weaning Seth and ideally put him on formula, however, he doesn't like the formula so he's been drinking regular milk. Some other good news is Seth is quickly growing up (even though his weight doesn't show it). Last week he started pulling himself up to standing in his crib and the coffee table. He wants to stand all of the time and is always reaching out to grab our hands so he can pull himself up. Tonight he actually stayed on his hands and knees and made an attempt at crawling. His favorite word is still "dad" although he is capbable of saying "mom". He also likes to say "ahhhhh" after he takes drink. I don't think mom and dad do that so I'm not sure where he learned it.

January 24, 2008: Seth's doctor called me this morning and said that he was doing some research on Seth's lack of weight gain and he wants him to go to a specialist tomorrow. He said this guy specializes in children (our current doctor is a family doctor not a pediatrician). Hopefully it really is just the anemia causing problems and will be fixed with the iron supplement.

January 23, 2008: I got the results of Seth's blood test today and he has anemia (low red blood cell count). The doctor said it could be the reason he's not gaining weight but he can't be sure yet. Seth is going to take an iron supplement for three weeks and then get another blood test. He's also going to be weighed each week until he's up to an acceptable weight. He weighed the same today as he did last week so at least he didn't lose any weight.

January 16, 2008: Seth had his 9 month check-up today.  He weighs 15 lbs 3 ozs and is 28 inches long.  Those are apparently not good numbers.  It's only 5th percentile for weight and 45th percentile for height.  He's not gaining weight and growing like he should be or in technical terms he's "failing to thrive".  Seth's doctor is concerned so he took blood today to make sure his organs are working properly.  I'm waiting to hear back.  Seth is suppose to start on cow's milk and there are no restrictions on what he's allowed to eat (of course no honey).  The goal is to get his weight up ASAP. If Seth wakes up at night I'm suppose to feed him as often as he wants.  The lack of dietary restrictions and lack of making Seth sleep through the night are not instructions the doctor said he would normally give a parent.  Seth seems to be developing mentally just fine so hopefully feeding Seth will solve this problem and I pray there's nothing else to be concerned about....although the amount of concern from the doctor does have me worrying.  I'll update when I know more and hopefully I'll have the energy and lack of worries to post some of Seth's more fun qualities he's showing. 

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Seth's vacation to Indiana
J.T. and Seth Brooklyn and Seth
Mom and Seth ready for church
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Sick with the flu end of February
Park Swings
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Easter 2008