Seth Gabriel Johnson was born on April 11, 2007 at 9:31 PM
8 Lbs 14 Ozs.
20 Inches

September 3, 2008:  I love Seth. He just brings so much joy to my life. I can't wait for him to wake up in the morning because I missed him so much while he was sleeping. Seth is just a sweet boy. He often walks up to me and pats me on the back or leans in for a kiss. He loves his little sister so much and is so kind to her. He wants to play with her more than she is able to right now. I walked in on him trying to teach her how to high-five the other day. He tries to put her pacifier in her mouth when she's crying, or will pat her tummy. He also randomly gives her kisses throughout the day. His newest thing is coming up to me when I'm holding her and saying "hold her". I sit Mabes on his lap and he puts his head next to hers and just loves her for a few seconds. He will often lay next to her on the floor just for a few minutes. She likes it when he does that. I am so lucky to have my little Seth Pie.

August 16, 2008:  Seth learned to drink from a straw today. Pretty handy dandy if you ask me. All it took is a little Dr. Pepper, Seth's soda of choice.  He also cut tooth #7. No molars yet but we are slowly getting a mouth full of teeth. Molars would be nice so he could start eating all foods and not so much baby food, however, it does seem that the baby food helps him eat a healthy balanced diet which is something his mom and dad are not so good at. Seth's dad is busy teaching him body parts. Seth's having a little trouble with elbow which I understand because he can't see it. He sure is becoming a big boy very quickly.

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Cousins eating Cheetos on a picnic Cousins eating Cheetos on a picnic Meeting cousin Maren (yes I realize cousin Maren is not in the picture) Hangin' out in a diaper

August 9, 2008:  Wow, almost another month since I've been able to write a little bit about Seth's world. Well, I guess he's at a point in his life where huge milestones are not happening. His vocabulary is growing each day. He amazes me at how much he is able to say and understand. Seth's most used word during the day is "Jesus". Seth has a picture of Jesus above his bed and whenever I go and get him he points to it and says "Jesus". I was feeling really good about Seth knowing who Jesus is until he started pointing to anything hanging on the wall and saying "Jesus". So this month has been spent teaching Seth that only pictures of Jesus are Jesus. It's really cute to hear him say it all day long though. I can confidently let Seth crawl up stairs without feeling as though he's going to fall down. He learned how to go down the stairs but you have to get him started on the first one so he still has to be watched going down. Seth still loves his little sister Maybe. He is always kissing her and rubbing or patting her. I am so excited to see what kind of friendship these two will have. Seth has taken it upon himself to be the collector of dirty diapers. When he sees one on the floor he picks it up and walks it over to the trash while saying "trash". It's quite handy and I'm glad he's happy to do it. Seth does have some moments where you can tell he just needs a little extra attention and love. I feel so bad when I make him cry because I had to talk to him loudly or swat his little pudgy hand so he knows I mean business but thankfully those moments are few and far between. Seth has started crying when mom or dad walks out the front door. I'm not sure if it's because he's going to miss that person or if it's because he isn't going outside with us. Even though we have another baby Seth Pie is still our little baby (I'd say 15 months is still a baby) and we love him so much.

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July 15, 2008:  Wow, I feel like I've missed a whole month of Seth's life because I haven't written about him for that long. Seth is doing great. He is such a great big brother. He loves Maybe! He is so loving towards her. He often calls out her name when he hears her cry. He loves to rub her head and belly and beep her nose. He loves to put his head next to hers when she's laying on the floor. He's not mean to her and doesn't show jealousy. Either having kiddos 14 months apart makes having a newborn easy or I just really lucked out with a fantastic little boy. I think it's the fantastic boy. Seth now has four teeth. He won't let me get a picture of them unfortunately. Since Seth has started walking our house has been trashed. I can't keep up with the destruction. When I'm feeding Maybe there's not a whole lot I can do to stop Seth. We've child proofed what we can. Oh well, if you come to my house unannounced and sometimes even announced expect chaos. Seth is saying so many words. I can't believe how much he knows. When we say prayers Seth folds his arms and even says "amen" at the end. He doesn't keep his arms folded but at least he tries. If he feels like it Seth will bring me something if I ask for it. I hate to say it but Seth has also learned how to throw tantrums. Mostly it's when he's overly tired. He arches his back and screams a really high pitched scream if you try to pick him up or if he's standing up he will bend at the waste and put his head on the floor. Seth laughs at me and his dad if we get stern with him so we're trying to find the right discipline technique for him. Seth spent his first night on a twin mattress on the floor on Friday. We bought him new dressers and put a mattress on the floor for his bed. He seems to really like it because he can get out of bed in the morning or after a nap and play. He didn't even seem to notice we made the transition. Perhaps this was because he is so young. I'm sure there's lots and lots more that Seth has achieved or experienced since my last posting but I just can't remember it all. Here's some pictures from the last few months.

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Seth's Big Boy Room Outside the Craker Barrel Classic Seth Picture Face Swimming at Rylin's
Swimming Cutie New Car Seat 'Ol Blue Eyes Day Before First Birthday Siblings

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