My niece Amberleigh turned 8 and was baptized in February. Maybe and I made a quick weekend trip out to her home in Indiana to be with her on this special day. I even had the opportunity to give a talk. It was the first time Maybe's cousins and aunt and uncle had met her so it was a real special time. I was 7 months pregnant with Zachary so flying with a one year old was quite an adventure, but it turned out great and am so grateful I was able to be with Amberleigh on her day.

My baby's first airplane ride

Maybe, me, Amberleigh

A very happy Amberleigh

The family (minus Ryan & Sethie who were missed!)

Me and Maybe with the cousins. Seriously, how hard is it to take a photo with everyone looking at the camera? =)


This trip was extra special because for the first time I got to celebrate Amberleigh and JT's birthdays with the rest of the family.

I suppose I should have mentioned that most of the photography on this trip is thanks to Brooklyn and Amberleigh.

I really love the Indiana family and wish we could be together more. Those nieces and nephew bring so much joy to me. I love how their parents have helped them remember their Aunt Jessie who lives so far away so that each time I am with them it's as if I've been with them their whole lives.