December 30, 2014

We didn't take very many Christmas Day photos. I really wanted to enjoy the moment and not be worried about the perfect shot. I have no regrets. Christmas was a wonderful day for all of us. We even got to Skype with family from far away. Not nearly long enough though and I think my grown-up Christmas wish would be that we would all get to be together one year for Christmas.

Some excited faces for the big day.

Our traditional before presents, upstairs breakfast. We don't want any hangry people while opening presents.

Our other tradition, the before we go see presents photo on the stairs. Nina ran off mad about her picture being taking. I swear, she's only 3.

The aftermath. I swear there's presents in there somewhere.

It snowed sometime during the night on Christmas Eve so we had a white Christmas. It was so fun!

Hello Kitty's, I mean Maybe's bed.

Yesterday we went sledding at our favorite sledding hill. Always so much fun!

December 29, 2014

A few days before Christmas we headed up to downtown with Uncle Nate to be with all the people and be a part of all the Christmas hustle and bustle.

After being at the shopping mall and walking across the street to Temple Square I immediatly felt the Spirit. What an amazing place to be able to visit during the time when our hearts are so focused on the Savior.

December 18, 2014

Happy Jessmas!

December 15, 2014

I often wonder how many more years with Spike I will have to endure.

December 11, 2014

Last night I was told to step away from Christmas Village.

Probably a good thing. It turned out nice no thanks to me.

December 10, 2014

Every one of the photos we took when we went to go see Santa turned out blurry. What is this, 1984? Anyway, now I'm too depressed to write all about it, but I'll give you this one.

You'll notice he's in jammies (or perhaps you won't) and sitting next to Santa because 5 minutes before we got to Santa Zachary blew chunks in the car. Since we had an appointment I ran into the store for wipes and clothes, cleaned him up the best I could, and told him not to sit on Santa's lap. We knew he was sick and it wasn't a fleuk because two other siblings had been blowing chunks earlier in the week. When it was his turn to see Santa Zachary dutifully said to Santa, "I'm sick" and Santa said that's alright and accepted him all the same. Sorry to anyone in line behind us who is now blowing chunks.

December 3, 2014

Zachary slept in a bucket last night.

How silly of us to think we ever needed to buy him a bed.

December 1, 2014

Some randomness:

Besties. Can boys be besties?

Nina loves her Uncle Nate.

I'm so lucky my 6 year old still wants to snuggle me as she falls asleep.

Yep, we're those kind of people now. It has made us all so happy. Worth it!

His shirt screams rebel. His face says angel. He's so adorable!

Trying on some new kicks at the NIKE store. He's 7 1/2 and just has to have NIKE's.

This combo makes for the cutest kiddos around. I just love them all so much!

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