June 25, 2015

Bedrest. Who knew it was so exhausting?

Seth lost his fourth tooth yesterday. He looks a little jack-o-lanterny. His top two teeth are both pretty loose too. If he loses those before these other two grow in it's going to be a riot, for me and his dad because we're just that mean. Him, he already thinks he looks kinda dumb. Don't worry, we won't laugh in front of him, on purpose. Being 8 has it's own set of trials doesn't it?

Nina's been sportin' a black eye since Tuesday. I can't seem to get a picture that does it justice.

Each time we are discharged from the hospital, they ask us if we have enough support at home to handle my bedrest. Ryan asked me if we should say no to see if they send over nannies and maids. I told him they don't do that, they send out child services, and given Nina's shiner and Zachary's 5 year old bruised and beat up legs we might lose our kids. What if I'm wrong though? What if they really do send out nannies and maids?

June 24, 2015

So the very next day after we got back from our trip was Maybe baby's 7th birthday. For months she had been begging for pancakes with syrup and whipped cream out of a can for her birthday breakfast so that's exactly what she got. I think she ate more whipped cream than anything.

I had a whole day planned out for Maybe, I just had an ultrasound appointment that I had to go to real quick, or so I thought. Unfortunately, I was rushed over to the hospital from the doctors office to see a specialist because of things they could not see on the ultrasound. That ended up being a 24 hour stay for me making me miss my girlies birthday. We gave her the choice of partying on or waiting and she chose to party. I don't blame her. The downside is I don't really have anything more to write about her special day because I wasn't there to experience it with her. I was just really glad I had at least made her the special breakfast she wanted. Dad took care of the rest. Thank goodness we have dad!

So I went into the hospital 34 and came out 35. I spent a majority of my birthday in the hospital. I did get a visitor who brought some much needed birthday treats. Ryan even sent me pictures to get me excited for what I had to come home to.

I was actually feeling really good and ready to go home, but after walking to the car I was going down hill pretty fast. I got home and was feeling overwhelmed and crummy in general, but decided I wanted to have a birthday so we went to a new pizza place to try it out. I was at the grumpy table so I'll just show you a picture of the happy table. The pizza was super yummy by the way.

Look what happens when you put 35 candles on a cake. The kids all thought it was super cool.

It was getting late but for about a month I had said I wanted to campout for my birthday so we went ahead with our plans.

When Zachary woke up he said he couldn't wait to tell all his friends he went camping. It really was fun for most of us. We were smart and left Li'l Nate sleeping in his crib inside the house. Me and the kids had so much fun we decided to do it the next night too. We set up a projector to watch a movie and it was perfect! This time, Li'l Nate was with us. I ended up taking him inside around 4am and then I was able to enjoy the rest of the night. I hope we get to do it several more times this summer! Our tent is HUGE. It's like being in a house so there's plenty of room for us all and no one has to fight for a comfy spot.

So Sunday I only went to one hour of church and then Monday morning I ended back up at the hospital. Thankfully, I was only there for 4 or 5 hours and then last night I was there once again. Oh the joys of this pregnancy. I told Ryan I owed him a Father's Day. He had to change diapers, bathe children, deal with children at church, make lunch. That's just not right. I did make him breakfast and dinner and did change a few diapers. He said I only owe him part of the day back. 16 weeks left. We are praying hard that we make it to at least half that, although of course we really want to go all the way.

June 23, 2015

June is turning out to be a little bit too exciting for me. We finally got our van back, they never did fix the problem. Got two new tires. That was an all afternoon/evening adventure in itself, and then a new battery, but not before it died on us at least 10 times. Thankfully, we are always prepared for that. Besides the battery issue, most of the van work was in preparation for a trip to our favorite condo in St. George with friends! Dad stayed home and the kids didn't realize he wasn't going. They were so sad! I guess I better make a better effort to tell them our plans.

Still mostly happy before the long drive.

By the time we got to Cedar City for lunch, Savannah had peed through her nighttime I had put on her and was literally dripping with pee and at the restaurant Nathan barfed because that's just what he does, but it was all worth it to make it to our favorite splash pad. It was super fun, but don't let the water deceive you. It was so hot in St. George that the water was also pretty darn warm and not as refreshing as it looks.

After a much needed dinner we checked in and went swimming the rest of the night. That really was refreshing.

Tuesday was all about hiking in the morning/early afternoon then more swimming in a different pool. Tuesday I woke up not feeling very good, enough that I actually called my OB. I almost ruined the day by having to head to the hospital down there, but managed to talk them into letting me wait until I got back. Probably super stupid on my part given everything that has happened since. I was still determined to have a good time so I kind of ignored me and just went about our activities. It was really really hot, but so fun.

Boys throwing rocks. Us girls didn't quite get it. I guess that's why we're girls.

So very tired.

She slept so well each night.

So did he.

Not them so much. I mean, just look at that party room.

Last day being 6.

Even after all that time together, they were still crowding around me the second we got home.

Is it crazy that I'm already looking forward to our next trip? I'm thinking we should try going down there in the winter so we can enjoy the outdoors without the intense heat.

June 10, 2015

Going on day 6 without our Louvan, or any transportation big enough for the 6 of us left at home. I talked to the dealership yesterday and they still didn't have a diagnoses for her. Good thing we built in some entertainment here at the house. Also a good thing that it rained almost every day in May letting the city lift super duper water restrictions not allowing any outdoor water play.

June 8, 2015

Seth and Maybe successfully and happily, believe it or not, sorting this weeks laundry. They only misplaced one shirt and a pair of tights. Not bad for their second week! I gotta say, I love that they are the ones moving all these clothes around. It sure helps my back out not having to bend over and lift so many times.

My van, affectionately called LouVan, was taken away from me on Friday morning and has still not been returned. She has been at the dealership all this time not cooperating with the medics. Don't worry though, it's not like they haven't taken care of us. Afterall, they did give us a 5 passenger Corolla to compensate for keeping our 8 passenger minivan. Seems fair, right? Yeah, right. Nothing says summer vacation like being stuck at home all day not able to go out and play. At least the laundry's getting done.

June 4, 2015

Yay for pinched nerves! It means I get to sit here and not move. It's not really yay. It's actually quite funny to have 5 kids at home and not able to move. It's not really funny either.

Here are Maybe and Seth on the first and last days of school this past year.

Their clothes fit a little better and they do look a bit older, but mostly I love their ever-lasting optimism for life. So many days I wish I could just get out of their way and not take that away from them.

Summer vacation has now officially started since we took our first trip to our favorite splash pad.

With that face and his personality he does okay for himself.

I was scrolling through the photos and these were right after each other and I couldn't help but notice that these two must be brothers. Something about the way they are posing.

Speaking of posing, look at little brother trying to be just like his other older brother.

June 2, 2015

So far summer vacation is still all smiles and good times.

I'm teaching my older two how to do laundry today. They are loving it. It's a big step for me. I like dishes and laundry done my way, not your way or yours, and so it's a pretty big deal that I am doing this with the hopes that by the end of the summer I can trust them to do it without my supervision. We'll see. Even Ryan is terrified to touch it. He gets me.

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