September 30, 2015

Ryan took these three fishing on Saturday. I wasn't there so I don't really have anything to say about it, but I just found these pictures they took and I'm going to assume Savannah had a good time.

September 17, 2015

On Ryan's birthday a big package labeled to the family showed up from Indiana Gramma. I kinda knew what was in it so my curiosity wasn't nearly as high as the kids'. We were so busy getting ready for dad's birthday that I just kept telling the kids they would have to wait to open it. I mean, I did want to be part of it. Anyway, after we spent the evening celebrating dad and before bed I finally decided we had time to open it. Do you see how big of a deal it was?

When it was open and there were two new blankies in there the girls went nuts. I mean two girls, two blankies, must be for them, right? Well, I told them I thought they were for new baby sister and the tears just started pouring. All the anticipation from an afternoon of waiting to open this package and then for me to tell them it wasn't for them was the worst slap in the face.

What could I do but tell them they had better try them out and break them in before she gets here. They each have their favorite and sleep with it every night. I guess Gramma had better get sewing! Oh, don't worry, the boys had their own thing to cry about. Gramma also sent things to make smores. That's good, we like having fires at our fire pit, but I told them we couldn't do it that night and oh man, I set off the boys. At least I can make everyone cry equally.

September 16, 2015

Some people are sooooo funny (just look at my Fanatics comments).

See, I told you we were losing teeth around here at a high rate.

Once again, she did me a huge favor and lost it at school. I think teeth barely hanging on by a thread are disgusting.

September 14, 2015

This kid was not at all excited to go to a REAL soccer game on Saturday, but after we were there and he was sitting first row behind the goalie his attitude quickly changed.

I snuck this picture of these guys.

I just thought they all looked so content. You'll notice there is not a picture of the baby who had not taken a nap yet.

This was taken on a different Saturday not long ago. Funny how kids can fall asleep anywhere.

Today we are 36 weeks and 2 days. I had a non-stress test again this morning and things were just fine. I have an actual appointment this afternoon and I'm sure things will still be just fine. They will check for dialation. I've never dialated before induction so I'm sure there won't be any exciting news after that.

September 10, 2015

Ryan had his 39th birthday on Tuesday. We had a doctors appointment in the afternoon so we were able to go to a quick lunch together without any kids. He decided to have strawberry shortcake for his dessert. I made the Angel Food Cake myself.

Apparently my bundt pan wasn't large enough because it overflowed all over the oven. I cut the top of the cake off which is why it really doesn't look appetizing in the pan. Once it got flipped over though it tasted yummy. I learned my lesson though. Next time I will just buy a cake because my oven still looks like this.

This is my favorite birthday picture. Zachy was so excited to give dad a rolling pin and couldn't help but hug him as soon as he opened it.

September 4, 2015

How could I not give him the fruit snacks he was asking for when he looks like this?

We lost another tooth around here yesterday. I swear, teeth are falling out like every other day. Not really, but it sure feels like it. This is the first one that had some drama involved, but when Seth tells the story it really sounds more like a heroic feat. I was there. Trust me. There was nothing heroic about it. Somehow I ended up with blood splattered all over me. That being said, I have never pulled out my kids' teeth. And I won't. It makes me want to barf. They usually let them get so loose that they just fall out on their own. I much prefer it this way.

Too bad this is a fuzzy photo. I think it perfectly captures Maybe. She is one amazing girl! And lucky for her, her front grown up tooth was already growing when she lost her first top tooth so she will never have the front gap that Seth has, even when she loses her other front tooth. Seth told me that most of the kids at school don't have their two top teeth so now he'll fit in better.

September 2, 2015

We did it! We survived Fall soccer! I feel it is a great accomplishment that we as an entire family had to work together to make work. Three kids playing meant 6 games a week for 4 weeks, one kid at a completely different complex, plus 2 practices. I'm exhausted, can barely walk, but can hopefully relax a little bit. The kids are so lucky that Lehi Grampa made a huge effort to be at most of the games, even going late to his temple assignment, with his bosses insistence. I meant to get a picture of the cute little kiddos in their jerseys but I didn't so sorry for a pictureless post.

September 1, 2015

I found this on Ryan's phone.

I'm going to miss it when it's gone.

In case you're interested on a baby update. I'm 34 weeks and 3 days. She seems to be doing great. She's actually measuring big. Yesterday I had the first of my weekly non-stress tests. They check her fluid and measure her heartrate. She passed with flying colors. Because of the previous problems, they feel it is important to monitor her closely here at the end. It's inconvenient, but sure is reassuring knowing she is being well cared for. As for me, I had a good week or so where I thought things were improving, but after this weekend I started going downhill. I can barely walk. The pain is excructiating. Taking care of 5 kids is hard. The doctor on his own mentioned letting me have her at 39 weeks because of my past history of not going into labor and needing to be induced anyway and because she has had the steroids he said the benefit of waiting an extra week to induce wouldn't really benefit her at all. Ryan's thrilled, he just wants me to not hurt anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. We'll see when it gets closer. Life sucks right now, but it's temporary. We can make it!

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