August 27, 2015

We bought Zachary an ice cream cone for lunch yesterday to celebrate his first day of school. Savannah doesn't eat much ice cream so she couldn't have cared less, but this kid. Oh my, he was maaaaaaaaaad. Somehow Zach still managed to enjoy his cone oblivious to his little brothers protesting. Don't worry, we did buy the protester actual lunch so it's not like he had nothing.

These two always look adorable in their matching track suits. We just can't seem to get a good picture of them together in it. Stinkin' sun was shining in Zachy's eyes.

Oh, and as of yesterday, everytime Li'l Nate sees a picture of himself he points and says, "Nate". It's interesting that he picked up Nate, not Nathan, Li'l Nate or Freddy seeing as how those are names we more commonly call him.

It only took 7 days for our first before school meltdown from a particular little girl. I just wanted to put a bow in her hair. Oh, the cruelness of mom! Then, I wouldn't let that same girl wear black Hello Kitty knee socks with her light colored jean capris. I actually told her it looked dumb. And it did. Sometimes I have to breath and let her walk out of the house. This was just too much. I couldn't let her be "that" kid. By the way, she did not wear a bow in her hair to school. See, I'm not all bad.

August 26, 2015

Zachy all ready for kindergarten.

I took the first two pictures then told him to give me his best poses. Silly boy. He's going to be just fine in the world. He couldn't stop saying yesterday how excited he was for today.

Can I just say how amazing our school is? When we pulled up, the entire school was out front lining the walkway and entry to the school and would just cheer and shout and welcome all the new littles entering the school. Music was blaring and it was just a warm and awesome way to be welcomed to the school. It was hard to have any tears because there was such a positive feeling. Seth, Maybe, Zachary and me all walked through, we all heard people yell our names and we waved to familiar faces. Such a cool way to start the day. They did a very similiar thing the others kids' first day too. I hope it's a new tradition that is here to stay.

Oh, and wow. What a difference a week made in our front flower bed. It looks like I took Zachary's pictures in front of weeds. Hopefully those purple blossoms come back at least one more time before Fall.

August 25, 2015

Seth and Maybe started 3rd and 2nd grades last week. They love it so far! They have amazing teachers. Maybe's is even in our ward. How convenient! Zachary starts the big Kindergarten tomorrow and he is so excited. He is the friendliest little guy and I'm not worried about him a bit.

By the way, I didn't pose the kids. It's just what they do when I take pictures of them together. I'm a lucky mom. Oh, and yes I do believe I have the most beautiful children, inside and out! New baby sister is so incredibly lucky to have 5 older siblings to love and adore her.

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